Friday, 7 May 2010

Happy Birthday Brahms and Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky is 170 today.
Google did a special Google logo featuring Swan Lake (see above).

Also today is Brahms's 177th birthday.
Happy Birthday Johannes

Saturday, 1 May 2010

May anniversaries of classical composers

Wow, where did April go? Here in London we had such a wonderful spring April which was appreciated all the more after such a long and miserable winter.

So May has arrived - should be interesting - with a new government.
It is certainly an interesting month for composer anniversaries:

1/05/1904 Dvorak died
1/05/1978 Khachaturian died
7/05/1833 Brahms born
7/05/1840 Tchaikovsky born
12/05/1884 Smetana died
15/05/1567 Monteverdi born
17/05/1866 Satie born
18/05/1909 Albeniz died
18/05/1911 Mahler died
22/05/1813 Wagner born
25/05/1934 Holst died
29/05/1860 Albeniz born
31/05/1809 Haydn died

For a very complete list of May anniversaries I recommend you take a look at the Classical Composers Database