Tuesday, 26 December 2006

onlinevisualartists new forum
There is a forum for online visual artists aptly called onlinevisualartists
It is a self help group for artists wanting to market their wares online - we are encouraged to exchange views, ideas, opinions, verdicts on the various websites for artists.
It has only been going for a week but is already growing fast and is very active. It is great to find such a generous group of artists unselfishly sharing their experience for the benefit of the group.

Thursday, 30 November 2006

I have upgraded my subscription to imagekind Print & frame my art at Imagekind...
I am really impressed with this site and have high hopes. It is really slick and easy to use. It is fast growing and constantly improving. Support is the best of any site I have come across. I have just reorganised my artwork into 2 galleries: portraits and composers.
Click the logo to take a look.

Monday, 20 November 2006

I have just published an illustrated list of all my composers on a Squidoo 'lens' (click on the logo to see it).
Squidoo is a fairly new website which enables you to publish single pages on the web. Like single page web sites. It has a wide choice of 'modules' which enable you to add content from Amazon, eBay, Cafepress, Youtube, Flickr, and many many more. It is very simple to use.
I have also made a 'lens' on Stravinsky which illustrates some of the modules. Take a look.
I will be making more lenses and will post here when I publish them.

Friday, 10 November 2006

I am now an EBSQ Award Winner!
Not one award but THREE.

Every month EBSQ hosts shows on specific themes and after closing EBSQ members and patrons vote on the entries. I entered the Bestiary show (for traditional hand-pulled prints) and the Zodiac show. Here are my three winning entries:
'Seahorse': Members' Choice
'Schley Fish': Members' Mention
'Signs of the Zodiac': Patrons' Mention

EBSQ is a vibrant web based community of self-representing artists. I have been a member for a couple of years and I find it stimulating, entertaining, sometimes irritating and often useful.
Take a look at my portfolio on EBSQ

Saturday, 28 October 2006

My new portraits of Puccini and Brahms are finished. They are now on my web site I have also put them in my Cafepress shop, miniposters on art.com and framed prints on imagekind.com.
Coming soon: Tchaikovsky and Puccini.

Saturday, 21 October 2006

I have opened an eBay shop and have started uploading items. I will be experimenting for a while to establish what subjects, sizes sell best and what auction formats.
I made a promising start last week - I put 7 small prints up for auction and sold 5 of them.
I will be constantly adding to it and changing things. The link is here or click on the eBay logo.

Thursday, 19 October 2006

This is my latest print, a portrait of Igor Stravinsky. He wasn't very handsome but I am quite pleased how he turned out.
The central image is a 2 colour photoetching on a zinc plate from a drawing I made. The outer border is a collagraph print.
I am enjoying this series of composers and am learning a lot at the same time. I spend quite a lot of time researching the subject mostly on the net. I intend to do a web page on each composer.

Monday, 9 October 2006

I am still working on my Brahms portrait but in the meantime I have finished this portrait of Verdi. The central image is a 2 plate photoetching. The yellow surround is a collagraph print.
Next on the list is Puccini which should be ready next week.

Friday, 22 September 2006

Well summer is over. Tomorrow morning is the autumnal equinox.
Morley College reopened this week so I spent yesterday in their print workshop. It is a real pleasure and privilege to work in such a place. The old traditional presses, the smell of the inks and solvents (how long before the health and safety police get it closed?). My fellow printmakers are a happy enthusiastic group and Frank our tutor and mentor is phenomenal.
I am working on a portrait of Brahms. The first of a small series of composers.

Sunday, 17 September 2006

Well here I am. The start of my blog. Not unlike being faced with a blank canvas - daunting.
This first entry is necessary so I can set up various settings. Well, here goes.