Monday, 10 October 2011

Classical Music Calendars

It's October. Time to start publishing my new  classical music calendars.

This year I am making them available again on Zazzle. (click to see them)
In addition I am selling them on Etsy (click to see them). The first one uploaded today.

The Zazzle ones are printed in the USA and therefore for North American buyers it makes sense to order from them to avoid any postage delays and customs duties.

The Etsy one instead are printed by myself here in London and therefore is recommended for UK and European buyers, again to avoid postage delays, VAT and customs duty.

Opera composers uploaded to Etsy today.  It is already on Zazzle.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

October classical composer anniversaries

Great Classical Composer

1/10/1865 Paul Dukas born
2/10/1920 Max Bruch died
3/10/1931 Carl Nielsen died
5/10/1880 Offenbach died
9/10/1813 Verdi born
9/10/1835 Saint-Saƫns born
11/10/1896 Bruckner died
12/10/1872 Vaughan Williams born
14/10/1990 Bernstein died
17/10/1849 Chopin died
18/10/1893 Gounod died
20/10/1874 Charles Ives born
22/11/1811 Liszt born
24/10/1725 A Scarlatti died
25/11/1825 J Strauss Jr born
25/11/1838 Bizet born
26/11/1685 D Scarlatti born
27/11/1782 Paganini born