Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Films about Composers

Occasionally I get asked if there is a film about a particular composer. There are a lot of feature films and TV documentaries and I have just built a page on my 52composers website on the subject.
The two British directors Ken Russell and Tony Palmer have been prolific with this genre.
Some, notably those by Tony Palmer, are incredibly well researched and true to the facts. Others have varying proportions of fantasy.
Yale University has published a book 'Composers in the Movies' by Prof.John C.Tibbetts and with a forward by Simon Callow. I haven't seen it yet but it looks interesting.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Vivien Noakes 1937 - 2011) - biographer of Edward Lear

I was very sorry to learn of the death of Vivien Noakes, the leading expert on the life and works of Edward Lear, king of nonsense and the limerick.
She wrote his definitive biography and curated the 1985 Lear exhibition at the Royal Academy.
There is a very good obituary in the Guardian.

Some years ago I started an Edward Lear website www.edward-lear.com which I have neglected. I really must get back to it.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Great Composer Anniversaries for March

Great Classical Composer

?/03/1706 Pachelbel died
1/03/1810 Chopin born
2/03/1824 Smetana born
4/03/1678 Vivaldi born
5/03/1953 Prokofiev died
6/03/1932 Sousa died
7/03/1875 Ravel born
8/03/1566 Gesualdo born
8/03/1803 Berlioz died
8/03/ 1983 Walton died
16/03/1736 Pergolesi died
18/03/1844 Rimsky-Korsakov born
21/03/1685 J S Bach born
21/03/1839 Mussorgsky born
22/03/1687 Lully born
25/03/1881 Bartok born
25/03/1918 Debussy died
26/03/1827 Beethoven died
28/03/1881 Mussorgsky died
28/03/1943 Rachmaninoff died
29/03/1902 Walton born
31/03/1732 Haydn born