Sunday, 30 August 2009

Banksy Bristol exhibition closes

Waiting for Banksy
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So tomorrow the Bristol exhibition closes and I didn't manage to see it. I really couldn't face the queues of up to a mile long and at peak times waits of 8 hours and normally about 3 hours according to the reports we heard. More people have visited Bristol Museum in the 10 weeks of the exhibition than normally visit in a whole year.
After such an outstanding success it surely must be put on again at another venue. It really does raise a lot of interesting thoughts on 'what is art?'

Interesting: 20 things you never knew about Banksy's Bristol show

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Fran said...

Yes - great shame!! Was actually in Bristol but saw the queue and decided couldn't face it (with moaning husband and 2 kids!), all I managed to do was photograph Ronald McDonald!