Saturday, 23 August 2008

Benjamin Britten on

This week I have been adding more content to the Benjamin Britten pages of my new website

I tried finding some YouTube videos of him. I was surprised how little there is available. There is plenty of other people performing his work but hardly any of him conducting or playing. A few I found had "embedding disabled by request" (by who I wonder?). Anyway I finally got one of him accompanying Peter Pears singing Schubert which I was able to put on the site.

A video I really wanted to feature was one of Dudley Moore at the piano with a parody of Britten accompanying Peter Pears. Brilliant. You used to be able to see it but it has been withdrawn. (I wonder why?)


Louise said...

I totally agree about the Dudley Moore sketch it gets a mention in the latest Vol 4 of Britten Letters and I was looking for it the other day. I'd also like to hear the Flanders and Swann sketch 'Little Miss Britten' but I doubt that's been recorded at all.

Paul Helm said...

Hi Louise
I have found a blog where it hasn't been removed yet at:

Also you can download an MP3 track of it from the 'Beyond the Fringe' album at for 99c at


Anonymous said...

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